Turkulainen psykedeelinen instrumentaali-progerock trio KIVESKIVES julkaisee J.S. BACH IN HIS FAVOURITE DISCO-nimeä kantavan kakkosalbuminsa 4. huhtikuuta. Yhtyeyhdistelee levyllään rock-, viihde-, ja taidemusiikkia sekoittaen joukkoon nintendosoundeja. Albumin nimeä kantava single julkaistiin helmikuun lopulla.

– Johann Sebastian Bach on rakennettu uudestaan ja hän on löytänyt diskon. Levy on mallia bile, mutta diskossakin kädet laitetaan välillä kumppanin takataskuihin. Tällä kertaa takataskuista saattaa löytyä myös sinisiä pillereitä. Levy on niille, jotka eivät tahdo tanssia ja ennen kaikkea heille, jotka tahtovat tanssia, kosketinsoittaja Markus Kettinen kertoo.

Kitaristi Pietu Sepponen, kosketinsoittaja Markus Kettinen ja rumpali Antti Luoma työstivät levyn biisejä yli vuoden verran ennen studioon astumista. Yhtyeen huomatessa biisimateriaalinsa määrän ja laadun, oli helppo päätös käynnistää nauhoitukset. Äänittäjän penkille pestattiin Oskari Ruohonen (Yournalist, Traffic Island), joka vastaa myös levyn miksauksesta. Kosketinosuuksista vastaava Markus valvoi koko kaksi kuukautta kestäneen raskaan äänitysrupeaman ajan. Vaivannäkö kannatti, sillä Markuksen päästyä nukkumaan käsissä on albumi, joka ilahduttaa, pelottaa ja hypäyttää kuuntelijaa. 

– Se on edeltäjäänsä eheämpi, mutta kyllä ääripäitäkin löytyy. Olemme liikkuneet hieman keveämmille vesille, mutta kyllä hevi kutsutaan välillä kylään, kitaristi Pietu Sepponen kertoo.

Yhtye on julkaissut aikaisemmin Painottomassa tilassa EP:n (2009) sekä kiitellyn Joystick (2012) debyytin, jonka myötä yhtye keikkaili mm. Ranskassa, Saksassa, Baltian maissa sekä Isossa Britanniassa. 

Albumin julkaisee Drink Tonight Records ja jakelijana toimii Playground Music Oy.


Yournalist released their second album Plays Jazz today. The album is a bittersweet cocktail made out of pop and rock plus a little bit of everything. Themes in the album are food, sex, partying, pills, hot mamas and highways.. to name a few. The opening track on Plays Jazz, Italian Luigi, is the third and final part of ‘People of the world’-trilogy. Yournalist spent months in the middle of nowhere recording their debut album (Horror And Terror, 2012). This time they chose a little less exotic location; in the middle of the city, the legendary Studio-JJ in Tampere.

Yournalist played live in studio so that the energy of the live shows would be captured on tape as authentically as possible. The album is written, produced and mixed by the band itself (Oskari Ruohonen, Guitar/Vocals, Santeri Ruohonen, Bass, Mikko Koskinen, Drums). In addition to the basic rock-trio instruments there are plenty of visiting musicians contributing to the album, including violinist, cellist and trombonist. Also on Plays Jazz piano and keyboards play much bigger role than on the debut album.

Plays Jazz is an elegant selection of song from the most hipster band in Finland.

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Yournalist, a Turku, Finland based rock trio have just released a new single called Prepaid. It’s the first single from their second album, Plays Jazz, which will be released in February.

Prepaid brings you some hard guitar banging, as well as introduces you to the more emotional side of the band. The song is written by Yournalist. Also known as Mikko M. Koskinen (drums), Oskari Ruohonen (guitar/vocals) and Santeri Ruohonen (bass).

- “The song was born in the attic of Mikko’s parents’ house. At first the tape caught a somewhat weird minute-a-half of music-like noise. But we all knew there was something there. So we picked up the best parts, added the middle section and before we knew the song was basically done,” says Santeri

In their forthcoming album, Yournalist sees the world in the point of view of a twenty-something man. The themes being hot mamas, highways, partying, pills.. to name a few.

- “The guy in Prepaid likes to be his own master. He doesn’t like to take any risks financially nor relationship-wise. Thinking of getting married to this guy is a pipe dream. Even such a normal thing to do for a grown up couple in a long term relationship, like opening a joint bank account, feels like the end of the world,” the trio describes.

This Rock/Pop/World Music combo known as Yournalist is also a blazing live act. In addition to touring in their homeland, Yournalist will perform a few shows in The Baltics later this month. UK tour is due to April 2014.

Plays Jazz will be released by Drink Tonight Records.


Yournalist will do a quick visit to Estonia and Latvia this November with KivesKives. The fun part is that you can hop in to their bus! More info about the tour here and here.

28/11/2013 Genialistide Club, Tartu, Estonia
29/11/2013 Cafe Leningrad, Riga, Latvia
30/11/2013 MCBalerija, Jelgava, Latvia


20130206-163843.jpgThird single from the acclaimed Horror and Terror album by Yournalist will be Colosseum. This m. jackson-meets-limp-bizkit-styled song will be title track of upcoming remix ep. Along with the album version of Colosseum there’s four remixes and two live tracks from the Klubi, Turku show last autumn. EP will be available digitally, limited edition CD (available on 15th of Feb) and limited edition C-cassette+mp3 coupon (available on 22th of Feb).

01. Colosseum (3:53)
02. Colosseum (Dino Mansik Remix) (4:25)
03. Nigerian Girl (Screwdriver’s Party Girl Remix feat. Screwdriver) (5:20)
04. Fast Lane (Keep Fishin’ Djs Remix) (4:50)
05. Busy Switch (Jack the Hustler Remix) (5:41)
06. Fast Lane (Live at Klubi, Turku) (3:32)
07. Colosseum (Live at Klubi, Turku) (3:57)

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01/10/2012 // Drink Tonight-club at Klubi, Turku

The first DRINK TONIGHT-CLUB will be held at the Klubi of Turku on October 5th. That’s the same day as the debut album of THE STREAMS will be released. The Streams will headline the evening along with fellow label mate YOURNALIST and rising local indierock group THE REED FAGS which was just signed to our good old friends LIONHEART RECORDS. Check out the Facebook event below and count yourself in!

Tickets 5€. The first one hundred customers will receive free glass of sparkling wine!



Pop-rock-r&b trio THE STREAMS is now part of the Drink Tonight roster! Debut album out on 5th of October.

Turku-based trio The Streams succesfully combine elements of pop, americanrock and R&B into their poprock songs. The single MY HEART STILL WANTS YOU HOME is out of their upcoming debut album which is due fall. A video for the single is in production and will premiere online in august.

The story of The Streams began when two teenagers, singer-guitarist Mitja Kiviluoma (of Magenta Skycode tour-guitarist fame) and bassist Timo Saari, met each other at an auction while trying to buy the same guitar. Mitja lost the auction, but had a clever plan of asking Timo to join his band, thus giving him access to this spectacular guitar that he had just lost at the auction.

Two years went by and the boys swore that they’d never play in a band together again. However, they had a change of heart on their shared pilgrimage in Spain, where they, according to Timo, talked of nothing other than women, sex and music. On this 500kilometer walk, they had plenty of time to think about the musical style of their future-band. ”We wanted to form a band, which would blend R&B and pop-rock smoothly. This is what we still aim at, and the result is beautiful and fantastic music.”, bassist Timo describes.

This present lineup was finalized when Mikko Siusluoto (of Traffic Island-fame) joined the band in 2008. Shortly after that they released the ep ”The World is on Fire” (2009), from which the song ”Song for the Weak” ended up on national channels LIV and Nelonen’s broadcast commercial. After having toured a lot the band focused on working their debut album. They hired Oskari Ruohonen (Yournalist) to produce the album. While in studio the boys were inspired by such artists as Neil Young and Bob Dylan. This long matured album is now finally finished and ready for release on 5th of October. From the eleven songs on the album, some make you dance, some relax, one saddens you and the rest simply lift your spirit! All in all an absolutely fantastic debut album.

Official website: http://www.thestreams.fi


Turku, Finland -based supergroup Yournalist has just released their first album “Horror and Terror”.  The album is a mixture of pop-rock songs played with a heavy metal attitude and the arrogance of progressive music. “C’mon People” is the first single/video from Yournalist’s self-produced album. The album was mixed by Sylvia Massy, a world-class studio engineer from California, who has worked with such acts as Tool, Johnny Cash, System of a Down and Prince.

Horror and Terror was recorded at hunting cabin in the archipelago of Turku. One might think that the peaceful countryside wouldn’t be an ideal place to record an energetic rock album. But one would think wrong. It was one hell of a cabin fever all fall long! Without the deaths, of course. And after six months of isolation from the outside world, Yournalist finished recording an album that comes near, breaks through and forces you to dance.

Yournalist was formed by accident in 2009 at the very same hunting cabin, when Oskari Ruohonen (Guitar, Vocals), Santeri Ruohonen (Bass) and Mikko M. Koskinen (Drums) decided to spend an innocent weekend at the summer house. The result was a hangover, twelve songs and one band. And now the band is ready to include itself to the group of recording artists. Yournalist describes their music as “Music for people with unprejudiced minds who are tired of dullness.” About a year ago Yournalist released a critically acclaimed EP “Slippery and Infected” which resulted in being chosen as one of the “Twelve bands to watch in 2012″ by Finland’s #1 music mag, Rumba and a national radio channel YleX.

Horror and Terror was released by a fresh indie label Drink Tonight
Records. The record release tour starts from Turku on the 21st of April.
The official record release party will be held in Helsinki on the 19th of
May. Get your copy now!

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The progressive pop-rock group Yournalist is set to release their debut EP ‘Slippery and Infected EP’ on the 4th of May 2011. The trio have spent the last year playing frequent shows while carefully crafting their debut EP. According to the band, these five songs are ready to blow away anyone listening.

“The overall tone in our live shows is pretty raw. We didn’t want the EP to have exactly the same feel to it, so we included violins and other instruments we haven’t had in the live set. But the common factor in both the live show and the album is the uncontrolled, yet carefully thought-out chaos.” -Mikko (drums)

The arrogant combining of numerous different influences can be considered Yournalist’s speciality. Their influences include The Beatles, Vampire Weekend and The White Stripes, among others. Yournalist was born in the archipelago outside Turku in 2009. Things happened as if by accident when Santeri Ruohonen (bass), Oskari Ruohonen (vocals, guitar) and Mikko M. Koskinen (drums) decided to go spend an innocent weekend at the summer cottage. They left with a dozen songs and a band. Now Yournalist is ready to include itself into the group of recording artists. This young band already has plans for the future, and the aim has been set high;

“Our goal is to get one of our songs into the ‘Guitar Hero’ game. And we’d also like to play some shows.” -Santeri (bass)

You can download the opening track of the EP, ‘Nigerian Girl’ for free from the band’s website. The music video for ‘No Time To Kill You’ will be released soon. The EP is being released by Drink Tonight Records.

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Slick and definitely cool synth-pop band Tesla Boy is coming to Finland in March!

Tesla Boy is the hottest band to come out of Russia since…well, probably ever! Although the band was formed in late 2008, they have yet to be labeled by anyone as “newcomers” to the electro-pop scene. It’s all here – dreamy melodies, Moroder-esque basslines, melancholic sleazy vocals, and glittering synth hooks that are to die for. This is what modern-day pop music should be all about; combining the vibes of your favorite 80s pop songs with the sounds of today. At the speed of light, they conquered the local crowd with live appearances at Moscow’s hippest art gallery openings, playing sold-out gigs in all the main Soviet cities, as well as headlining the main Russian music festivals. Band has gained success with their Tesla Boy EP (2009) and critically acclaimed album Modern Thrills (2010).

THU 17/03/2011 Dynamo, Turku (Sussudio)
FRI 18/03/2011 Klubi, Tampere (Hang the DJ!)
SAT 19/03/2011 Korjaamo, Helsinki (Club Hertz, +Baxter)