Music Mikko M. Koskinen & Anders Vuorimaa
Lyrics Anders Vuorimaa
Tracks 1 and 5 produced, recorded and mixed by Julius Mauranen at Studio Kekkonen
Tracks 2, 4, 6-10 produced and mixed by Mikko M. Koskinen at Birdiemama’s nest
Drums on tracks 2-4, 6-10 recorded by Oskari Ruohonen at Noisecamp
Other instruments recorded by The Friend
Track 3 produced by Mikko M. Koskinen and mixed by Julius Mauranen
Mastered by Teemu Kinnunen at Mojolab

Laughing and yelling in Rub it in/out by Antti Aarnio
Female backing vocals in Loving Reactor on the Moon by Johanna Kristiina Koskimo

Cover design by Mikko M. Koskinen
Band photo by Ville Salminen

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