Pop-rock-r&b trio THE STREAMS is now part of the Drink Tonight roster! Debut album out on 5th of October.

Turku-based trio The Streams succesfully combine elements of pop, americanrock and R&B into their poprock songs. The single MY HEART STILL WANTS YOU HOME is out of their upcoming debut album which is due fall. A video for the single is in production and will premiere online in august.

The story of The Streams began when two teenagers, singer-guitarist Mitja Kiviluoma (of Magenta Skycode tour-guitarist fame) and bassist Timo Saari, met each other at an auction while trying to buy the same guitar. Mitja lost the auction, but had a clever plan of asking Timo to join his band, thus giving him access to this spectacular guitar that he had just lost at the auction.

Two years went by and the boys swore that they’d never play in a band together again. However, they had a change of heart on their shared pilgrimage in Spain, where they, according to Timo, talked of nothing other than women, sex and music. On this 500kilometer walk, they had plenty of time to think about the musical style of their future-band. ”We wanted to form a band, which would blend R&B and pop-rock smoothly. This is what we still aim at, and the result is beautiful and fantastic music.”, bassist Timo describes.

This present lineup was finalized when Mikko Siusluoto (of Traffic Island-fame) joined the band in 2008. Shortly after that they released the ep ”The World is on Fire” (2009), from which the song ”Song for the Weak” ended up on national channels LIV and Nelonen’s broadcast commercial. After having toured a lot the band focused on working their debut album. They hired Oskari Ruohonen (Yournalist) to produce the album. While in studio the boys were inspired by such artists as Neil Young and Bob Dylan. This long matured album is now finally finished and ready for release on 5th of October. From the eleven songs on the album, some make you dance, some relax, one saddens you and the rest simply lift your spirit! All in all an absolutely fantastic debut album.

Official website: http://www.thestreams.fi

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