20130206-163843.jpgThird single from the acclaimed Horror and Terror album by Yournalist will be Colosseum. This m. jackson-meets-limp-bizkit-styled song will be title track of upcoming remix ep. Along with the album version of Colosseum there’s four remixes and two live tracks from the Klubi, Turku show last autumn. EP will be available digitally, limited edition CD (available on 15th of Feb) and limited edition C-cassette+mp3 coupon (available on 22th of Feb).

01. Colosseum (3:53)
02. Colosseum (Dino Mansik Remix) (4:25)
03. Nigerian Girl (Screwdriver’s Party Girl Remix feat. Screwdriver) (5:20)
04. Fast Lane (Keep Fishin’ Djs Remix) (4:50)
05. Busy Switch (Jack the Hustler Remix) (5:41)
06. Fast Lane (Live at Klubi, Turku) (3:32)
07. Colosseum (Live at Klubi, Turku) (3:57)

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