thefriend_defender_cover_5000x5000The Friend from Turku, Finland, is ready step out to the light from
behind the mysterious veil of their hiatus. The single released today,
that is called Defender, is a combination of melodic poprock and
scapes of sound from the more electronic side of the scale.

– This single is about the friendship between a dog and the Terminator.
The powerful dog-buddy sort of protects this robodude from other evil
dogs by driving them off. An urge to create an original party-anthem
of 2016 acted as the musical premise for this single, vocalist Anders
Vuorimaa clarifies.


The band’s hiatus wasn’t planned to last this long and it wasn’t until
last fall that the thought ”It’s now or never” hit the band. They are
now concentrating on one song at a time, even though they’re packed
with material to work on for almost a full album’s length already.

– It feels absolutely great working on new material together again,
especially since there is no pressure or expectations of any kind. We
are in no rush to release a second album, we’re now focusing solely on
making great tunes, guitarist Mikko M. Koskinen says.

The Friend’s well received debut album Athletic Girls was released in
2011. Both the new single and the debut album are released under
Turku-based record label Drink Tonight Records.

The Friend:
Anders Vuorimaa – Vocals, guitar, synth
Antti Siniranta – Electric drums
Mikko M. Koskinen – Guitar, synth, vocals