History of Drinking

In the late 2010, debut album by The Friend was completed. Record companies showed some interest in publishing the record. However, after some time and while there wasn’t anything concrete, the band held on to their initial plan to publish the record themselves. They needed some help in promoting the album, so they asked Esa Tontti from Gaea booking to help them out in promoting the album. Esa pointed out that a record company needs a name. ’Drink Tonight’ was for many years the working title for The Friend’s album and since the album was eventually called ’Athletic Girls’ they thought that it would have been such a waste not to use ’Drink Tonight’ anywhere.

The first release by Drink Tonight was The Friend’s first single ’New Berlin Wall’. As a pleasant surprise it had plenty of radio play (for an indie band, anyway) in the Finland’s national radio station YleX. The album came out in the early 2011. The album was received well by the critics and the band toured all over Finland throughout that spring. In the meantime The Friend’s guitarist and the founding father of Drink Tonight, Mikko M. Koskinen, expanded the field he’s working on and organized a three city tour in Finland for a Russian synth-pop band Tesla Boy. The tour was a success in every way. Later that year Mikko started working on the debut EP by his new band Yournalist, which consists of Mikko and his fellow Drinkers to be; Oskari Ruohonen and Santeri Ruohonen.
Yournalist was even more DIY than The Friend. They didn’t even had a distributor, so Mikko dragged Yournalist’s debut EP ’Slippery and Infected’ to the record stores himself. Yournalist had fair amount of attention right from the start with their first single ’Nigerian Girl’ and the fact that the guys wrapped themselves in newspapers for music videos and promo shootings. Future Drinker, Ilmari Aitoaho, became a member of Yournalist’s live shows on Plays Jazz tour in 2014. Pretty soon he became a full time member of the group.

Since Yournalist’s first album (Horror & Terror, 2012) Playground Music Finland has been the distributor for Drink Tonight. Same year Drink Tonight published the debut album by The Streams. Soon to be a Drink Tonighter Timo Saari played bass on the band. The Streams holds the honor of being the first band not including Mikko to be released by Drink Tonight. Mikko continued publishing albums by ’not-his-own’ bands with the likes of Kiveskives (2012), Klasu (2014) and Aamuyön Sirkus (2016). While giving full input on every project, Mikko felt like Drink Tonight, as it was then, will soon come to an end.

Few years went by until the five of us, who unwittingly had same kinds of ideas of launching a music company, found themselves on the same counter and decided that drinking with friends is far funnier than drinking alone.