Yournalist - Plays Jazz (CD/Cassette)

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Yournalist describes their music as “Music for people with unprejudiced minds who are tired of dullness.” On February 7th of 2014 the sophomore album called “Plays Jazz” followed. It’s a bittersweet cocktail made out of pop and rock plus a little bit of everything. Themes in the album are food, sex, partying, pills, hot mamas and highways.. to name a few. Yournalist played live in studio so that the energy of the live shows would be captured on tape as authentically as possible. The album is written, produced and mixed by the band itself. Plays Jazz is an elegant selection of song from the most hipster band in Finland.

Yournalist – Plays Jazz (CD/Cassette)

  1. Italian Luigi
  2. Prepaid
  3. Doggie Bag
  4. Fucking Yournalist (I’m On a Hot Road)
  5. Gnome
  6. Milf
  7. Big Meal
  8. Last Happy Meal
  9. Rodhouse Blues
  10. Take Me To Your Dealer
  11. Pigs
  12. Keep Playing Dead
  13. Partynator Inc.
  14. Pill
  15. Coffee Shop (I’m Lovin’ It)
  16. Reprise