Yournalist - Horror and Terror (CD/Vinyl)

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“Horror and Terror” features thirteen genre-breaking songs, in which rock meets pop and shameless goodwill meets the influences of progressive music. Self-produced album was mixed by Sylvia Massy, ​​a top California mixer who is enthusiastic about the band’s music, who has previously worked for e.g. With Tool and Prince.

Yournalist – Horror and Terror (CD/Vinyl), published 2012.

  1. Horror and Terror
  2. New Year 2021
  3. C’mon People
  4. Nigerian Girl
  5. Slippery and Infected
  6. Smear
  7. Colosseum
  8. Concentration Camp Comedy
  9. Fast Lane
  10. Brazilian Boy
  11. Zombie Movie Soundtrack
  12. Busy Switch
  13. Planet Horror Terror