Aamuyön Sirkus - Huominen (CD)


Aamuyön Sirkus represents melodic and timeless popular music in Finnish. Oona Hallikainen and her brother Eeli Hallikainen are responsible for the songs on the album “Huominen” (Tomorrow). Eeli and Oona are songwriters already in the second generation as their father is the singer Joel Hallikainen. There has been no rush with the album and the band has matured their musical ideas in complete peace.

“The album has a very wide range of feelings for a young adult. About the world around us, humanity, interpersonal relationships, self-seeking and discovery. However, the overall picture is hopeful and confident; maybe everything will be fine. Tomorrow is full of opportunities and new beginnings” – Eeli says.

Aamuyön Sirkus – Huominen (CD), published 2016.

  1. Nuorena hautaan
  2. Kylmää
  3. Hän ja minä
  4. Tyhjä kuori
  5. Tuli sammuttua
  6. Tie
  7. Huominen
  8. Disko
  9. Mutka
  10. Lyijy

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